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Friday, September 20, 2013

Private Car Tours in Portugal

Welcome to our seaside garden! 

When you decide to visit Lisbon or any other place in our warm and sunny Portugal, ask Alex to show you around in a safe, comfortable and discrete Audi A6.

Alex spent more than 6 years in the US and UK, and you can easily notice his near-native American accent. You'll be amused with Alex's impersonations of different accents such as Italian-American, Irish, Scottish and others.

Check out for yourself,
call Alex on 00 351 96 896 8373.
If you're planning to stay for a few days, we'll be glad to make arrangements for your working or holiday visits.

Email us to:

Up to three or four people, in a luxurious yet discrete Audi A6... Enjoy life!

Alex is a certified professional driver with vast experience and knowledge of the city and country in general. As Portugal is a small place, he can get you from Lisbon to anywhere in 4 hours or less.

Call us on: 00 351 96 896 8373
or 00 351 96 165 1716
Or email us on:

Ask us for a price, you won't choose anyone else.
Premium service at affordable prices.
The best value for your money!